CarShield is promoted as the first auto protection provider in the USA. It promises to provide the extended vehicle service protection plans also known as extended warranties. These can protect you from expensive car repairs. The company partners with financially stable administrators and claims to deliver policies that can help you to get 24/7 roadside assistance and towing, choose your own US or Canadian ASE-Certified repair facility, as well as rental car coverage. They can customize a plan for any client. CarShield claims to have flexible payment plans and competitive prices. The company tells us to have covered over 600,000 cars over the past ten years. Whether you own a high mileage vehicle, buy a new car, or have an expired manufacturer’s warranty, their plans might seem quite comprehensive. But are there any better competitors? What is the best option? Let’s address these questions but at first it is vital to discuss how CarShield works.

It is noted in CarShield’s FAQ that they don’t offer extended warranties, since it is actually an extension of your manufacturer’s warranty. This auto protection provider is not connected to vehicle dealers or manufacturers. A CarShield service contract is meant to pick up where your current warranty drops off, or to fill any gaps in coverage. They don’t offer any product but they are a company marketing car service contracts on behalf of major third party administrators. This is what the disclaimer at the bottom of their home page says. CarShield sells car service contracts from other companies like Interstate National Dealer Services, United Car Care, and American Auto Shield, and then services their clients. When you first contact them, they will help you to determine the proper coverage plan for you using criteria like the model, make, mileage, the age of your car, usage, as well as your budget. After that, they can take your down payment. Are there any real customers’ reviews available online? Let’s check.

Customer Reviews – Does CarShield Really Work?

According to the home page of the company, many of the company’s policy holders gave them the highest rates for reliability. Specifically, on and, CarShield has 8.8 and 4.4-star ratings respectively. Most compliments seemed to revolve around stress-free claims process, helpful support, and ease of doing business. At the same time there are many complaints the most common of which related to disappointing customer service experiences and high-pressure selling. For example, we encountered a 2016 Reddit thread where the poster talked about a letter from the auto protection provider that indicated the individual’s warranty was about to expire. The client experienced pushy sales tactics. The CarShield representatives were very rude and unfriendly.

Where To Buy CarShield In Stores?

Car repair services can be obtained only after being enrolled into the company’s membership. You will have to provide them your credit card details first. No specific prices are listed on the CarShield official website, which is a red flag. The company promises to offer a coverage plan that can be afforded by everyone. For pricing details, you can call at 800-974-9385 or send your email to Since every policy is placed in a specific tier depending on the vehicle, each customer will be priced differently. This is what we learned from customer service. As long as your contract is in force, it can be transferred if you sell your car to another person.


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