Classical music in Vienna

Very night in Vienna around 10,000 music fans are treated to live classical music, something that is simply unheard of in any other city in the world. Each year the Vienna concert schedule includes more than 15,000 events of various sizes and genres. Looking for the most magnificent concerts in Vienna? Here’s your ultimate overview. From the Wiener Musikverein, where the world-renowned New Year’s Concert takes place, to concerts that include dinners at Kursalon Hübner, we’ve got you covered.

Vienna Boys’ Choir

In Vienna, it is often possible to hear the Vienna Boy’s Choir: regularly as part of the Vienna Hofmusikkapelle at the Holy Mass in the Hofburg Chapel on Sundays (September to June) and in the MuTh – that’s their new concert hall in the Augarten, which opened in 2012. The name MuTh is an abbreviation of “Music and Theater” and its stage is home to daring music and theater productions. – A stage that offers a superb view for the 400 audience members and gives the actors almost as much space as the Vienna State Opera.

The MuTh is located right next to the Augartenpalais, where the Vienna Boys learn, live and sing. The new music center is a powerful cultural stimulus in the Augarten. The MuTh builds bridges: Between music and theater, tradition and experiment, great artists and – above all – the next generation.


Millions of music lovers around the world know the Musikverein in Vienna as one of the most traditional concert houses there is, one that plays host to top-ranking artists. The building on Karlsplatz, not far from the magnificent Ringstrasse boulevard, is reminiscent of a temple, built according to a design by Theophil Hansen in 1807 in the historical style with columns, pediments and reliefs.

The Large Musikverein Hall, also called the “Golden Hall”, is famous for its sumptuous decor. Apollo and the muses draw the eye to the ceiling, while the columns are designed as female figures of the ancient world. As incomparable as the look are the spatial acoustics – the sound experiences here are unique in the world. The New Year’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic is broadcast to an international TV audience of millions from the Golden Hall each year. The Musikverein offers first-class concerts on the other 364 days of the year as well. However, it has long since ceased to be exclusively a temple of classical music.


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